About Me

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my page.

I'm Orion Tuesday Ibert (they/them) and I am a disabled nonbinary artist and graphic designer and podcast manager.

My work is most prevalent with Lavender Lemonade Collective, where I wear the following hats:

•Lead Editor
•Lead Graphic Designer
•Sound Designer
•Voice Actor


Please use this form if you would like to contact me regarding commission quotes, questions, or concerns. Please allow 24-48 hours for response.

Voice Acting

Carter Corrin in Transmission Folklore

The Curator
in Deep Blue Stars

Devon Lancook in
Electromancy, the Podcast

[Demo Reel Coming Reel Soon]

Digital Art

For more information about each project, please click the photo.

Synesthesia Portraits

When listening to music, I see various shapes, colors, and lines-- a sensory phenomenon called synesthesia. These portraits are representative of how I experience music.

The song or sound they're based upon is linked in the photo itself and in the caption below it.

"Do I Wanna Know" as covered by Hozier

"Odds" by Mal Blum

"The Infinite" by Benny James

Digital Portrait Commissions

(2020 Redraw)

Personal project to redraw a piece I did in 2013. Took 5 hours in Procreate for the iPad.

Process Video

Original 2013 Version

Podcast Cover Art

For more information about each project, please click the photo.

BeanSprout Against the World

Volunteer work for Lavender Lemonade Collective for their upcoming show BeanSprout Against the World

BeanSprout Against the World cover art, a green fridge with several papers stuck on with magnets


Commissioned by Nathan Comstock for @ElectromancyPod.

Electromancy cover art, with character art on top.
Full body drawings of Jenna and Ellie from Electromancy

Original Logo by Sarah Jane Irwin

Process Video

Unannounced Podcast Art

Show is currently unannounced. Check back later for more details and the final piece with title.

A diagonally split illustration of an astonaut and diver's helmets with a dark blue background and light teal lighting/details.

Process Video


Commissioned by @starfallpod on Twitter
Font is Zen One

Process Video

Influences and Reference Images


Deep Blue Stars

Volunteer work for Lavender Lemonade Collective.

Influences and Reference Images

Original Concept

Original Concept Process Video

Transmission Folklore

Volunteer work for Lavender Lemonade Collective.

Process Video

The Many Adventures of Sammy Magic

Volunteer work for the creator of Sammy Magic

Process Video